Floor Stripper and Floor Finish Basics


In the event that you want to provide floor maintenance services for resilient vinyl on your cleaning company, you want to understand some of this vocabulary so as to comprehend how the compounds work. Following are a few of the faculties for floor strippers and finishes, in addition to definitions of a few of this vocabulary you want to understand.

* the objective of floor draining chemicals would be to dissolve the current floor finish, therefore it might be removed without damaging the floor.

* Floors strippers possess a higher pH, usually between 10 to 14. High-ph compounds are all on the opposite side of the pH scale.

* Many floor strippers contain elevated quantities of VOC’s (anywhere from 10 percent to 30 percent ), that may be bad for the surroundings. There are currently”more economical” other ground strippers, that have lower Orange County Strippers of VOC’s (as low as 6 percent ), in the event that you want to provide green floor maintenance services.

* Strippers are produced to utilize an floor cleansing system, and that means you wish to make use of a stripper that’s intended to make use of a certain flooring finish.

* Floors finish is just a liquid put on your clear floor in thin layers, so as a way to protect it from damage along with everyday usage.

* Floors finishes are produced to make use of an floor cleaning procedure, and that means you would like to utilize a ground finish that’s intended to make use of a certain lineup of daily cleansers, burnishing compounds, and floor strippers.


At the 6 conclusion of this scale is really where solutions are somewhat contaminated. At the 14 close of this scale is really where solutions are fuller.

* VOC (volatile organic compound) – Organic compounds that produce vapors which could be bad for the surroundings.

* Solids – What’s left over to the floor surface following a floor conclude remedies. Usually expressed as a proportion of the weight. The greater the percent, the greater coating that’s left over to the ground once it melts. But, remember that a high solid material will not necessarily signify the conclusion has durability or gloss.

* Polymer – Artificial compounds of high molecular weight. The vapor content of this ground finish usually comprises 50% – that really is exactly what creates the film on to the ground, and that is exactly what provides final its own glow and durability.

* Wax Emulsions – Wax is composed of anywhere from 5 – 20 percent of their flooring finish, also that’s exactly what empowers a floor to be”buffed”. Synthetic waxes have replaced natural waxes due to these slide resistance, dark markers immunity, and endurance.

* Plasticizers – Compounds inserted into floor finish to keep it pliable and soft. Plasticizers permit the compounds to come with each other to produce a picture without imperfections and flaws. Additionally they help the final to be impact resistant.

* Surfactants – Employed to boost the touch of at least two substances, some times called wettability. This permits a ground finish to be dispersed more readily on the ground floor.

Pay a visit to the community janitorial supply house to learn more on the products that they take. Again, you do not make use of a stripper out of 1 product line and an end from the other point, etc.. Floor maintenance products are intended to come as a flooring maintenance system. There are various lines to select from so ask plenty of questions of one’s supplier prior to picking a lineup to make use of.